A Guide On The Right Questions To Ask For The Best Deal

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Handling property is no joke. It can be very complicated and can definitely put you in a loop of stress. Buying properties, selling properties, and transferring properties have particular procedures to follow and even more, laws are involved. In the middle of all this, you need to find a service that offers you a fixed price for conveyancing. A conveyancer is a trained professional who can handle all aspects of your sale, purchase, or transfer. The question is: ‘What’s the right price for a conveyancer?’

At Blue Gem Conveyancing, we understand how complex these legalities can be. A property isn’t a small thing but a big asset and anything related to it requires professional experience. With us, we want to know your opinion and views about different properties and make sure your process is smooth. We do not throw any random fees at you. This is a very common problem that most customers face. In most cases, we provide a fixed fee that includes reviewing three contracts at no extra cost for you! You can trust us to perform smooth operations of your property transactions.

Here are some questions you must ask before signing up for anything:

  • What fees do you charge?

It’s better to paint a picture before you consider it. There is no time-wasting on a deal that you yourself know won’t work-out. Most professionals charge by the hour and if you have any unexpected delays, you might end up getting charged a hefty amount. This can not only make your process costly and stretched, but also very frustrating.

  • Who will be assigned to my case?

It’s a huge possibility that an experienced lawyer of the concerned firm will discuss all the clauses with you and provide a quote. But, in most cases, it is the junior team that takes up most of the cases to research and learn. This can increase the chances of blunders and unnecessary stress. Either way, knowing the person working your case is always better since you will build a relationship with them over time.

  • What expenses do I have to cover if my sale falls through?

A lot of companies have tags like ‘no move, no cost’ but it seldom applies in reality with its numerous terms and conditions. It’s always better to double-check this clause to figure out what it actually means in practice. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family for companies they must have hired before. Check whether you will need to pay any third party costs.

  • Does the mortgage lender in the quote come with its own price?

You will need to ask such questions to avoid having to pay unexpected fees which can definitely be a bummer. Ask your lawyer if they will charge you a fee for acting as your mortgage lender. This may not be included in your first purchase. If you notice that the business itself represents no lenders at all, you must inquire about the legal fee of the lender.

Questions You Can Ask Your Conveyancer:

  • Are you a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancer?
  • What are the maximum fees that I should expect?
  • Are there any additional services costs?
  • What services are included in your fees?
  • How long can the settlement take?
  • How will you keep me informed?

As one of the most experienced and successful conveyancers in Box Hill, we promise complete transparency with our work. You will be included every step of the way and you will be making most of the decisions! We are just there as the catalyst that helps you achieve what you want. If you’re actively looking for ‘conveyancers open now’, we’re it.

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